64th anniversary of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations; 5th anniversary of Vinh Phuc Union of Friendship Organizations


On the morning of 11-21-2014, Vinh Phuc’s Union of Friendship Organizations celebrated the 64th anniversary of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations; 5th anniversary of Vinh Phuc Union of Friendship Organizations; results in 2014 and missions for 2015.

At the anniversary, the participants reviewed the tradition of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and the establishment and development of the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations. For 5 years, the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations has consolidated the organization system and founded 10 members of Friendship Association. The Vinh Phuc Union of Friendship Organizations has been actively advising, implementing the external activities of people and achieving significant results; coordinating with agencies to receive foreign delegations visiting and working with the province; organizing many friendship activities such as: organize the contest "Learning the history of Vietnam-Laos special relationship", Vietnamese-Japanese cultural exchange, Vietnamese-Korean cultural exchange. With the non-governmental promotion, the Union has played an important role in developing relation, non-governmental advocacy and aids of the peace, friendship organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals in overseas. From 2009, every year, Vinh Phuc attracts about 22 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) implementing about 30 projects of US$ 3 million. Now, the Union always boosts the cooperation, friendly relations with China, Laos, and South Korea; promotes the cooperation, relationship with Japan, Russia, France, European countries, and especially the ASEAN countries.

Particularly in 2014, the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations gained typical achievements, successfully organized many friendship activities, programs with practical contents and various forms. Activities of delegation exchange, peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation have been strongly promoted. The Union in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs has promoted the friendly cooperation relations with some localities of the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Chungcheongbuk-do of the Republic of Korea. Besides, the Union also co-operates with related organizations to hold provincial delegations for friendship visit and promoting investment activities abroad. In 2014, the Union welcomed and worked with delegations of Phu Tho and Hai Duong’s Union of Friendship Organizations. In this year, the province has 17 non-governmental organizations implementing more than 30 projects. Up to now, the total aid value has reached to over USD 2.7 million. About the work on “Viet kieu”, the Union always keeps the closed tie with the organizations of Vinh Phuc people living abroad. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2014, the Union held successfully the program "2014 Vinh Phuc Homeland Spring" with the participation of a large number of Vietnamese overseas.

In order to promote these achievements, in 2015, Vinh Phuc’s Union of Friendship Organizations continues to coordinate, organize many activities of peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation; continue to coordinate with relevant agencies to write projects and call for the assistance from individuals, foreign non-governmental and international organizations operating in the province; hold delegations to meet, contact and negotiate with the non-governmental organizations to call for the foreign aid. In 2015, the Union strives for the NGOs aid value of over US$ 3 million; simultaneously, promotes the propaganda; formulation and organizing development; advise to establish 2 - 4 bilateral friendship organizations of Vietnam - USA, Vietnam - Italy, Vietnam - Philippines, Vietnam - Singapore.


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