Promote Activities of People Diplomacy in Vinh Phuc province


Along with external relation of the Party and diplomacy of the State, people diplomacy has been considered as an important part in Vietnam’s foreign affairs. For Vinh Phuc province, enhancing and improving the role of people diplomacy is the duty of authorities and sectors at all levels including Vinh Phuc Union of friendship organizations. Since the establishment, the Union has always been proactive and positive in promoting this work in order to propagate, introduce Vinh Phuc to the world and connect Vietnamese living overseas to their homeland.

Remarkable results

In recent years, thank to the concern and direction of the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee, the Union of friendship organizations has continuously innovated and promoted activities of people diplomacy contributing to develop relation with international partners. Activities for peace, solidarity and cooperation with people all over the world have been enhanced. In 2014, Vinh Phuc Union of friendship organizations in cooperation with related departments received and worked with 90 external delegation of more than 350 people, including a number of high ranking leaders of Lao PDR, Japan, the Republic of Korea..., foreign Embassies in Vietnam (Japan, Indonesia, Canada...), cultural exchange troupes as The Amigos (the United States), Odissi (India)... Simultaneously, the Union proposed friendship visits to some countries as Laos, Japan, Korea, and Czech.

Delegates attended the Festival of Vietnam - Japan friendship

In the field of oversea Vietnamese, this organization has become a bridge among Vinh Phuc’s people living abroad (called Viet kieu) as well as repatriated ones. In January 2014, on the occasion of Lunar New Year, under the advisory of the Union, Vinh Phuc province successfully held the program “Homeland Spring” to welcome over 100 Viet kieu living in more than 10 countries and enterprises owned by repatriated ones. This Program was not only a warm and sharing forum for them but also a bridge between Vinh Phuc’s authorities and people living overseas. At this program, enterprises and Viet kieu sponsored 700 gifts (equivalent to 225 million dong) for families with difficulty in the province.

In terms of nongovernmental aids, at present, there are 21 NGOs from America, Korea, France, Japan... (with more than 35 projects)  operating in the province. In 2014, the total aid was USD 2.7 million. In which, the project on environment and rare animals protection accounted for over 70%; education and vocational training was 12.5;, humanity aid, hunger elimination and poverty reduction occupied 10.2%; and etc. By practical and effective projects/programs, NGOs have contributed to improve people’s living standards in difficult areas.

About the development of association, in 2014, Vinh Phuc’s Union of friendship organizations conducted to organize two associations of Vietnam - England and Vietnam - Germany. At present, Vinh Phuc has 10 friendship associations between Vietnam and countries of China, Korea, Russia, Japan, Bulgaria, Laos, Czech - Slovakia, England, and Germany. Besides, the Union held a training meeting on people diplomacy for more than 100 people; simultaneously, sent officers to join education and training courses in order to improve their knowledge, skills, and basic profession.

The establishment conference of Vietnam - Germany association of Vinh Phuc province

Activities of information and propaganda have been enhanced through the promotion of Vinh Phuc’s image in general, people diplomacy in particular including a variety of contents and forms. Until now, the Union has published 14 friendship bulletins and being prepared to set up its own website. Especially, in 2014, this organization printed the document “A research of Vietnam’s seas and islands” in order to help readers understand the protection of sovereignty over seas and islands of Vietnam.

By practical actions and remarkable results, Vinh Phuc’s people diplomacy has contributed significantly to complete all policies of the Party and State; simultaneously, push the socio – economic development in the new situation.

Further promote the work of people diplomacy

It is the fact that, in our country, for years, this work has practically taken part in consolidating solidarity and friendship with foreign people; mobilizing, enlisting physical resources and spiritual support of international friends for the country’s political stability and benefit protection. In the war, the support and cooperation of people all over the world helped Vietnam become the winner; today, in the international integration, especially when the global trend occurs quickly and complicatedly, people diplomacy still plays an important role in implementing the guideline ”Vietnam is the friend, trustworthy partner of all countries”.

In the current context, with the motto “active – flexible – creative – effective”, in the coming time, Vinh Phuc’s Union of friendship organizations continues to grasp thoroughly and carry out: (1) Directive No. 4-CT/TW dated on July 6th 2011 on retaining the innovation and improvement of people diplomacy’s effectiveness in the new situation” by the Central Board of Secretary; and (2) Plan No. 19-KH/TU on September 28th 2011 of Vinh Phuc’s Party Committee on implementing Directive No. 4. The province should do following missions:

- Continue to well carry out policies of the Party and State with the motto “multilateralise and diversify external relation”; enhance and expand cooperation, friendship with people and organization worldwide.

- Closely collaborate and have better further unification among departments, social organizations and districts in orienting, managing and holding activities of people diplomacy in order to improve friendship and propagate about Vinh Phuc to international friends.

- Keep on establishing, expanding relation and calling for sponsor of NGOs and individuals.

- Pay more attention to reinforce and develop ability of staff working in the field of people diplomacy for the better tasks-assigned completion.

- Through operation of member association, actively mobilize and gather Vinh Phuc’s people living abroad to come back and build their hometown and country.

By Le Hien


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