Vinh Phuc economy: grow 6.38% in the first quarter of 2020 (07/05/2020)

2020 is the last year in the socio-economic development plan for the period of 2016-2020. Right from the beginning of the year, the provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee have directed branches and levels to strongly deploy tasks and solutions, focusing resources to strive to complete and exceed the planned targets. However, the spread of Covid -19 has affected the socio-economic development of the province. Dealing with the complicated situation, Vinh Phuc has drastically and actively taken measures to prevent and control the epidemics; issued many synchronous guidelines, policies and measures, timely and strongly to cope with and prevent epidemics. Therefore, the disease has been initially controlled; the production - business situation and life of people in the area have been basically stable.

In 2019, Vinh Phuc will spend over VND 2,409 billion for key projects and works (07/12/2018)

According to the Decision No. 3565/QĐ-UBND of the provincial People's Committee on allocating State targets of Vinh Phuc province, in 2018, the provincial People's Committee has allocated VND 2,477.2 billion for key projects and infrastructure projects urban framework, reciprocal capital for ODA ones. However, due to many difficulties, the capital disbursement of key projects is very slow. Specifically, by the end of October 31, 2018, the completed work, projects reached VND 748 billion, being equal to 30.4% of the plan; capital disbursement of new key projects reached VND 707.7 billion, equaling 29% of the year plan. By the end of 2018, the province only disbursed VND 1,723.5 billion, equaling to 84.2% of the assigned plan.

The relation of Vinh Phuc and Japanese partners - the symbol of Vietnam - Japan friendship (14/11/2018)

In 2018, Vietnam and Japan has been celebrating 45 years of theo diplomatic relationship establishment. 45 years is a short period in the history of 1300 years of this mutual friendship but has witnessed the rapid and comprehensive development of the relationship on all areas. Together with the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, the cooperation between Vinh Phuc and other localities, organizations and businesses of Japan has also rapidly developed, contributing to the friendship of the two nations.

The Opening ceremony of the 10th Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of Northeast ethnic groups (14/11/2018)

Recently, on November 2rd, in Vinh Phuc, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province held the opening ceremony of the 10th Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival of North East ethnic groups in 2018 and receiving the Unesco Certificate of rites and tugs of war Game as the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.


Vinh Phuc and Chungcheongbuk officially signed a memorandum of cooperation on October 21st, 2008. Over the past 10 years, the relationship between the two localities has achieved good results. In particular, on October 21st, 2013, during a visit to Vinh Phuc province by the delegation of Chungcheongbuk - do, led by Mr. Lee Si Jong. Agreement between the two provinces were signed. Since then, the friendly relations between the two provinces have developed strongly, contributing to boosting the socio-economic development of each locality and strengthening the cohesion, creating the mark of friendship. The two countries are on the road to develop cooperation between the two countries Vietnam - South Korea.

Vinh Phuc strives to complete urban infrastructure in 2020 (02/11/2018)

One of the most important goals of the Resolution of the 16th provincial Party Congress in the term of 2015-2020 set out to strive to build Vinh Phuc to become a centrally-governed city in 2020s. To achieve this objective, in the past three years, the province has issued a number of mechanisms, policies and prioritized resources for investment in infrastructure construction in a synchronized and modern manner, creating a motive force for investment attraction, industrial development, and socio-economic development promotion.

The increase of FDI capital to the industry of Vinh Phuc (19/10/2018)

The Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam has been approved for 30 years. During that time, many FDI enterprises came to Vinh Phuc seeking for investment, production and business opportunities. The flow of FDI capital to Vinh Phuc has gradually increased over the years.

Honda Vietnam – Secret and Success (01/10/2018)

As one of the typical enterprises of Japan in Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc in particular, in the past years, Honda Vietnam has always maintained the first position in the field of automobile and motorbike trade. In the fiscal year 2017, Honda sold 2.17 million motorcycles, up nearly 7% over the previous year and accounting for approximately 70% of the country market. After 12 years in Vietnam, Honda automobile brand has been growing and trusted by customers with the total sales of cars in 2017 reaching 12,358 vehicles - the highest sales since its inception. To gain these results, besides regularly introducing new products suitable to tastes and requirements of customers, Honda Vietnam also performs the following contents and tasks:

In the first eight months: industrial production, trade, services continued growing (14/09/2018)

In August, the motor vehicle manufacturing and transport manufacturing industry had a decline of 1.39% and 2.26% compared to the previous month; other industries increased but not high. As a result, the industrial production index in August of the province increased only 0.26%.

To promote the tourism of Vinh Phuc province (24/08/2018)

There are convenient transportation systems and many famous sites such as Tam Dao, Dai Lai, Tay Thien, Binh Son Tower ... but in recent years, the tourism of Vinh Phuc has not been exploited and developed as potentials and advantages.
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