Attracting foreign investment is one of the right directions of Vinh Phuc in the past years. By opening policy, the province has attracted many foreign investors from Japan, Taiwan, Korea…. Among these, Japanese companies occupy a large market share and contribute significantly to the total budget revenue of the province, promote the socio - economic development and improve people's living standards. Nissin Vietnam Brake Manufacturing Company is a successful FDI company from Japan in production and business activities.

Over the years, Nissin Vietnam Brake Manufacturing Company was established on October 19, 1996 with a total investment capital of $ 2 million with 75% Japanese capital and 15% of Thailand capital  in Quat Luu commune, Binh Xuyen district. The total area of the company is 144,296 m2, in which the workshop area is 122,176 m2. In over 20 years of development, the Company has marked significant development in production and sales. Nissin has constantly expanded its production and currently has 3 factories with nearly 2,300 workers with an average income of over VND 7 million / person / month. The company is a supplier of motorcycle and automobile brake parts for the Vietnamese market and exports, of which the domestic market share accounts for 70%, 30% of the remaining exports to Japan Nissin Kygyo Group.  Main domestic customers of Nissin are mainly Japanese companies such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Vietnam Arai, in which exports to Honda account for 50% of the total supply to the domestic market.

In 2009, its revenue was only 1,300 billion VND; in 2016, it increased to nearly 3,500 billion VND, contributing 56 billion VND to the State budget. Only in September 2017, the Company achieved more than 2,700 billion VND, paid 32 billion VND to the State budget and was considered as one of the high-paying FDI enterprises in the province.

In order to achieve the revenue and complete tax obligation for the State, since the establishment, the company has focused on building staffs and employees on the basis of open and transparent recruitment examinations; organizing training courses, raising the level of professional skills for laborers, not only professional sector but also soft skills in working and management skills. At present, the Company has built a skilled workforce, meeting the increasing requirements of customers.

  Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Linh – The outstanding labor of the Company in 2017

Specializing in the production of automobile and motorbike brakes, workers have to work in the environment of noise with high risks of occupational accidents and diseases, the Company always builds a safe and professional working environment; regularly coordinates with functional units to train labor safety for workers;  fully equips personal protective equipments for each job position on the basis of ensuring occupational safety and health for laborers; develops and applies environmental management system ...

Laborers have health checked periodically

To well observe the provisions of the labor law, the provisions of collective agreements and labor contracts. In addition, the company's union also paid close attention to the care of female workers during childbirth by building milking parlors and equipping machines to preserve milk for female workers.

The opening of the room for milk squeezing and storing at the Company

With the motto "Healthy to work in production", the movement of physical training and sport activities of trade union members of the company is also regularly organized, full participation of the league organized by the Federation of Labor and also achieved a certain achievement.

Female employees won the third award at the volleyball competition organized by the provincial Federation of Labor

Determining the quality of products is the decisive factor for the success of enterprises, companies investing in advanced machines and equipment; Applying the management method of Japan in each department of work ... Through it, creating a clean and safe work environment, bringing productivity and quality in production and become a subsidiary industry. Supporting the prestige of enterprises specializing in manufacturing and assembling cars and motorcycles with a capacity of 10 million motorbike brake products / year and 5 million automobile brakes, motorbike spare parts and auto parts / year.

Well perform occupational safety, hygiene and fire prevention

Currently, besides producing, supplying a large number of disc brakes and mechanical brakes according to the orders of Honda Vietnam, Yamaha Vietnam, Suzuki Vietnam, Piaggio Vietnam, the company also exported to Market: Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia. On average, revenue from 140-160 million USD; In particular, the export value reached.

One of the Company’s product

According to Shingeru Fukasawa, General Director of Nissin Brake Manufacturing Company in Vietnam, the company's achievements in recent years, besides the efforts of the Board of Directors and all employees, the company always receives The attention and active support of Vinh Phuc province by specific mechanisms and policies such as creating clean land fund; accelerating reform of administrative procedures; Ready to supply labor when enterprises need...

It can be said that the understanding and sharing of local authorities, provincial leaders have been and are attractive, making enterprises feel quite satisfied about the investment environment in Vinh Phuc.

In order to maintain production, growth rate will be 15-20% over the previous year. In the coming time, the company boosts its production and trading activities, expanding export markets; Improve product quality to ensure high safety, improve product design, strengthen quality management system.

Strengthening the training and improving the skills of managers and workers; Implement good policies for workers...

In general, with strong business strategies, good policies in employee management and the best efforts of the Board of Directors and all staff in the company. The company, Nissin is becoming a model business model, causing great prestige for the local government and employees. Hopefully in the future, the company will have new successe and contributions. New to the process of economic and social development of Vinh Phuc province.

By Nguyen Luyen

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