To promote the tourism of Vinh Phuc province


There are convenient transportation systems and many famous sites such as Tam Dao, Dai Lai, Tay Thien, Binh Son Tower ... but in recent years, the tourism of Vinh Phuc has not been exploited and developed as potentials and advantages.

Each tourist only pays 300,000 dong per journey

Last July, I and my college friends visited Tam Dao. In the cool weather, light sunshine, everyone enjoyed the sightseeing and took photos at Tam Dao stone church, silver waterfall, television tower ... After lunch, we came to the market. We bought souvenirs, especially 20kg of chayote vegetables (20,000 - 25,000 VND per kg). Other gifts can be bought in other places with cheaper price.

Observing many groups of young tourists, especially students, we realized that most of them chose to travel by motorbike, carried food in the early morning and did not rent room to stay overnight to save money.

Tam Dao tourism was discovered and built in the early 20th century. Thanks to the fresh and cool climate, this place is always considered as an attractive destination for tourists in the country, especially in summer. In order to awaken the potentials of tourism, Vinh Phuc has paid attention to invest, build infrastructure, attract and create favorable conditions for investors and businesses to develop types of services as hotels, restaurants...

Most visitors to Tam Dao only buy vegetables as gifts

According to the report of the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism, in the past years, especially after 20 years of re-establishment, with the famous tourist resorts as Tam Dao, Dai Lai, Tay Thien ... Vinh Phuc has gradually built up the brand of tourism and gradually become attractive destinations for visitors. In 2011, Vinh Phuc tourism received only 1.7 million visitors, in the end of 2017: 4.4 million with the total revenue of 1,470 billion dong; but only the first 6 months of 2018 attracting 2,552,000 people, up 13% over the same period and gaining VND 910 billion. Tourism has created jobs for more than 6,000 direct workers and more than 5,000 indirect workers. However, each tourist to Vinh Phuc only pays 300,000 VND per journey so there are many more things for Vinh Phuc to do.

Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of Tourism (the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism) said, “Up to now, the province has 352 tourist accommodation establishments, with 5,994 rooms. Of which there are two five star hotels: FLC Vinh Thinh Resort and Dai Lai Flamingo Resort; two 4-star hotels are the Red River Capital Resort and Westlake Hotel; 32 two-star hotels; 23 one-star hotels and 293 national standard accommodation establishments. Compared with other provinces with comparative advantages in tourism development such as Lao Cai, Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, Thanh Hoa ... the reasons for the low payment of tourists in Vinh Phuc is the low quality, weak variety of tourism products; the limitation of services of health care, health, trade; unattractive tourism types (adventure and countryside tourism) only attracting about 500,000 out of 4.4 million visitors in 2017.

Besides, at present, Vinh Phuc ranks 14th among 63 provinces and cities in the country in terms of tourists number. However, the revenue from tourism accounts for only 8% of the economic structure of the province. Along with that, the absence of specific tourist products and souvenirs not only loses revenue but also misses the opportunity to promote tourism image of Vinh Phuc. Currently visitors have been spending at the low level; souvenir products meet only 5 to 10% of the purchasing power of tourists.

To turn Vinh Phuc into the center of tourism in the North

According to many owners of restaurants, hotels in Tam Dao, this year the province is investing,
expanding the road system so the number of visitors to the Resort is not high

Implementing Resolution No. 08 of the Politburo on turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector and Resolution No. 01 of the Executive Committee of the 15th Party Committee on developing tourism services in Vinh Phuc province in the period 2011-2020; Resolutions of the 16th Provincial Party Congress to ensure uniformity in leading and directing the implementation of tasks and solutions in accordance with socio-economic development planning and master plan for tourism development to 2020, vision to 2030, the provincial Party Committee has promulgated Action Plan No. 41, with the goal of 2020 to become a tourism center of the North, attracting 50,000 international visitors and 6.5 million domestic visitors with the revenue of 2,600 billion VND; in 2030 attracting 150 thousand international visitors and 15.6 million domestic visitors gaining 10,000 billion VND.

To achieve these objectives, Vinh Phuc will promote the propaganda and raise the awareness of officials, Party members and people on the importance of the tourism sector to the economic and cultural development; continue to study and restructure the tourism industry to ensure professionalism, modernity and sustainable development in line with the laws of the market economy and international integration, which will focus on developing the tourist market to build tourist zones and spots. Along with that, the province will prioritize resources for investment, development of infrastructure, transport infrastructure, continue to supplement and perfect mechanisms and policies to attract investors; increase tourist routes from Vinh Yen to Tay Thien, Tam Dao, Dai Lai to promote and promote tourism to attract international tourists, especially in countries such as Korea, Japan, Russia and Asean countries.

With available potentials and advantages, Vinh Phuc tourism sector is focusing on three main directions: development of weekend resort tourism and forest ecotourism; culture, history, village tourism; business, shopping, conference travel. To realize this goal, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of re-establishment (1 January 1997-1 / 1/2017), Vinh Phuc started the construction of Tam Dao 2 tourism project by SunGroup - the investor. At the same time, continue investing, upgrading and developing Tam Dao, Dai Lai and Tay Thien tourist sites; explore the countryside tour to awaken the available tourism potentials in the local.

Also according to Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Vinh Phuc has formed many tourism products, but in fact there are two products attracting many tourists including weekend travel and tourism festival. Therefore, in order to attract more tourists and gain higher revenue, the province should attract strategic investors with financial potentials to invest in the key areas having potentials of tourism, special tourist products.

Performing the assigned tasks, the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism has built the management software for tourism; organized the competition of Vinh Phuc beautiful shots from April to September, 2018; advise the provincial People's Committee to organize a competition on designing souvenirs carrying unique characteristics of the province; promote Vinh Phuc's festivals, tourist destinations and tourism potentials on the local and Central media; participate in events within the framework of the National Tourism Year of Quang Ninh 2018; organize the Fairs of Tourism, Food and etc.

In addition, the Department has strengthened the guidance and supervision of implementing regulations, policies and laws in the business units in the province; brought the activities of tourism centers into a system in order to ensure a safe, civilized, friendly tourism environment.

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