Honda Vietnam – Secret and Success


As one of the typical enterprises of Japan in Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc in particular, in the past years, Honda Vietnam has always maintained the first position in the field of automobile and motorbike trade. In the fiscal year 2017, Honda sold 2.17 million motorcycles, up nearly 7% over the previous year and accounting for approximately 70% of the country market. After 12 years in Vietnam, Honda automobile brand has been growing and trusted by customers with the total sales of cars in 2017 reaching 12,358 vehicles - the highest sales since its inception. To gain these results, besides regularly introducing new products suitable to tastes and requirements of customers, Honda Vietnam also performs the following contents and tasks:

First, complying with Honda’s philosophies including: Basic Belief (Respect people, three Joys: sell, buy and create), Corporate Principal (provide the best quality products with reasonable prices to satisfy customers all over the world), and Management Policy (Always reach the goals with ambition and freshness, respect the theory, develop new ideas and use the time most effectively, enjoy the work and encourage open communication, constantly strive for a harmonious process, always pay attention to the value of research and effort). These three philosophies are always shared by all Honda people, thus creating the foundation for all activities of the Company.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan - Secretary of Vinh Phuc, awarded the Government Emulation Flag to Honda Vietnam

Second, providing the best after-sales service to every customer such as warranty - maintenance, mobile maintenance, Honda Plus membership program ... According to JD Power Corporation – the organizations from US specializes in research the satisfaction index in sales, in 2016, along with Toyota, Honda was ranked the highest in satisfaction for after-sales customer care services among mass brands in the Vietnamese market.

Third, always focusing on good social work with many activities such as: protect the environment through the annual Planting Festival “With Honda keep the green of Vietnam”. This activity was held for the first time in 2008. For Honda, environmental protection is the core and long-term responsibility for survival and sustainable development, as well as to become a social company.

Honda YES Award: aims to find young engineers and scientists in the field of ecological technology as future leaders in the field of engineering and technology, contributing to the development of science and technology in developing countries, including Vietnam. Every year, the Honda Foundation Fund selects the top 10 students at associate universities to award USD 30,000 worth of prizes and 10 motorcycles produced by Honda.

In addition, Honda always strives for a safe traffic society with safe driver training, safe driver's driving guidance, “I love Vietnam” program on Vietnam television...

During the past 20 years, Honda has not only contributed to the socio-economic development of Vietnam but also become a good citizen of Vinh Phuc province. Honda Vietnam is one of the largest contributors to the provincial budget and helped Vinh Phuc to become a modern industrial province. In addition, Honda has created jobs for thousands of local workers and neighboring provinces/cities, contributing to improve the living standards of people. Recognizing Honda's contribution, the Government of Vietnam and Vinh Phuc province have awarded the Emulation Flag and many merit lists to the Company.

By Huyen Trang

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