Vinh Phuc and Chungcheongbuk officially signed a memorandum of cooperation on October 21st, 2008. Over the past 10 years, the relationship between the two localities has achieved good results. In particular, on October 21st, 2013, during a visit to Vinh Phuc province by the delegation of Chungcheongbuk - do, led by Mr. Lee Si Jong. Agreement between the two provinces were signed. Since then, the friendly relations between the two provinces have developed strongly, contributing to boosting the socio-economic development of each locality and strengthening the cohesion, creating the mark of friendship. The two countries are   on the road to develop cooperation between the two countries Vietnam - South Korea.

Provincial Party Secretary Mrs Hoang Thi Thuy Lan and Vice Chairman of People 's Committee took photo with Mr Lee Si Jong - Head of delegation from Chungcheongbuk

In terms of exchange activities, Vinh Phuc and Chungcheongbuk have sent several high-level delegations, delegations of departments and leaders of enterprises to meet and exchange information. deepen understanding, stick together, share development experiences and find cooperative steps between the parties. Chungcheongbuk  has sent many high-level delegations led by the provincial governor, the chairman of the council, the deputy governor; delegates from some departments such as Taxation, Economic - Trade, Agriculture ... to visit and work in Vinh Phuc. Vinh Phuc province has also organized many high-level delegations led by Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to work with the province. In 4/2017, the province organized a delegation led by Provincial Party Secretary Hoang Thi Thuy Lan to visit friendship and investment promotion in Korea, including Chungcheongbuk.

During the visit, the delegation had a meeting with the Deputy Governor and Chairman of  Chungcheongbuk Council, agreeing on the tighter cooperation between the two sides in many fields. The emphasis is on cooperation in agriculture and investment. In addition, Vinh Phuc province sent delegations to participate in fairs, exhibitions and learning experiences in the province such as traditional medicine delegates, delegation attended the Fair International Exhibition Osong and Geosan International Agricultural Fair ...

In cooperation with the agricultural sector, Chungcheongbuk- do has helped Vinh Phuc province train a number of machine operators and sponsored some agricultural machines including two plows, two agricultural grain dryers and two sowing  seed machines. So far, the equipment is still in good working order and is currently located at the Provincial Seed Center. In addition, the Quang Son Bee village of Lap Thach district and Chungju village have also signed a memorandum of cooperation to support each other to develop new varieties and apply the technical advances of   beekeeping. According to this program, members of two bee villages have often met, exchanged experience in the production and processing of honey. Up to now, Chungju bee village has invited 12 members of Quang Son bee village to work in Korea.
Cooperation in the field of education and training of officials, in 2014, Vinh Phuc has created conditions for the College of Economics and Technology of Vinh Phuc and Cheongju University. Two provinces have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of education education and training. Accordingly, the two schools will promote cooperation programs on content, training methods at all levels of training, information sharing of learning materials, students, teaching staff, management and research. . Implementation of the exchange program between the two provinces, from 2011 until now,  Chungcheongbuk has received 04 officials of Vinh Phuc province to learn Korean and work in the Office of the province. In addition, some provincial officials participated in local public administration courses in Korea funded by Chungcheongbuk province. Vinh Phuc also received, trained in Vietnamese and arranged to work at the Department of Foreign Affairs for 03 officials of Chungcheongbuk. One of Chungcheongbuk's officials is working at the Department of Foreign Affairs now.

Cooperation in the field of investment, Vinh Phuc province has attracted 3 enterprises in Chungcheongbuk province, including Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd, Powerlogics Vina Co., Ltd and  Kyungil Optics Vietnam  Co.Ltd to invest in the province. Although the number of enterprises coming from Chungcheongbuk is not great, it has contributed to creating jobs for thousands of local laborers, contributing positively to the province's socio-economic development. In particular, Jahwa Vina Co., Ltd. - the first enterprise of Chungcheongbuk  to Vinh Phuc and the pioneer enterprise together with Vinh Phuc in the social responsibility programs with the budget of maintaining nearly 1 billion each year. Efficiency in production and business of enterprises in Vinh Phuc is the evidence that the results of cooperation between the two sides together to support and promote the development on the basis of promoting each other's advantages. The Chungcheongbuk Business Association is promoting the opening of a representative office in Vinh Phuc province. This will be the focal point for boosting investment attraction and trade promotion between the two provinces.

To exploit and promote the cooperative relationship between the two provinces, in the coming time, at the 10th anniversary of the establishment of cooperative relations between Vinh Phuc and Chungcheongbuk on September 6th,2018 the province will focus on implementing some cooperative activities in the next 5 years such as:

One is to maintain the exchange of delegations every two years to promote economic cooperation and strengthen the cooperation and exchange of practical. The second is to strengthen the exchange of business delegations to explore investment opportunities, trade promotion, tourism promotion and professional delegations exchange, learning experience.

Thirdly, Vinh Phuc province will create favorable conditions and preferential mechanisms for enterprises of Chungcheongbuk - do to Vinh Phuc province to explore investment opportunities and investment in production and business. The Korean enterprises have the strengths such as high technology, electronics, mechanical engineering, hi-tech agricultural production and processing, infrastructure development.

Fourthly, in the framework of joint cooperation between Korea and Vietnam, promoting cooperation activities in labor exchange, trade promotion and export; At the same time, Vinh Phuc province has a mechanism to support the businesses of Chungcheongbuk, creating a favorable environment for investment in production and business in Vinh Phuc province.

Fifthly  continuing the implementation of training cooperation programs and exchanges of cadres; At the same time, support for cadres, civil servants and international students is provided in short and long term training courses in fields such as foreign languages, public administration, agriculture.

Sixthly, to increase the exchange and transfer of high technologies in such fields as the production of dairy products, harvesting technology, processing and preservation of agricultural products after harvesting and processing vegetables and fruits. .

Seventhly, is to promote cultural and artistic exchange, towards partnerships in other fields such as sports and tourism with the aim of creating a favorable corridor for the authorities of both sides to explore opportunities. Investment cooperation in the field of tourism.

Eighthly, through the external affairs of each province, each year the two sides actively exchanged two-way information, evaluation of cooperation results.

Looking back at the results of the cooperation over the past 10 years, we can be confident that the cooperation and friendship between Vinh Phuc and Chungcheongbuk will continue to be built, developed and deepened in the following time.

By Nguyen Thom

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