The relation of Vinh Phuc and Japanese partners - the symbol of Vietnam - Japan friendship


In 2018, Vietnam and Japan has been celebrating  45 years of theo diplomatic relationship establishment. 45 years is a short period in the history of 1300 years of this mutual friendship but has witnessed the rapid and comprehensive development of the relationship on all areas. Together with the development of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, the cooperation between Vinh Phuc and other localities, organizations and businesses of Japan has also rapidly developed, contributing to the friendship of the two nations.

In investment attraction, with advantages on geographic location and investment preferential policies, Vinh Phuc province is really  a land of great potentials for foreign investors, including those from Japan. Until the end of September 2018, in the province there are 36 projects from Japan with the total registered capital of nearly USD 1 billion, including many big corporations in the world such as Honda Toyota, Nissin, Exedy, Sumitomo ... Japan is the second largest investor in terms of registered capital, the first in terms of implementing capital. Those projects mainly focus on automobile manufacturing, assembly, mechanics, molds, electronic components ... Most of them have been implemented on schedule as committed and operated effectively, positively contributed to the State budget and created jobs for laborers. The province also pays much attention to promote Japanese ODA programs and projects such as the Vinh Phuc Investment Environment Improvement Project. This project has helped Vinh Phuc to address some of the current shortcomings such as lack of electricity, clean water, drainage and wastewater treatment, improvement of transportation system contributing to environmental improvement of the province. In addition,  Japanese partners also helped Vinh Phuc province completing the urban planning project by 2030 and vision to 2050; the planninh of constructing the university urban area of ​​Vinh Phuc province in an area of ​​2000 ha.

In labor export cooperation, specialized agencies of the province have also cooperated with some Japanese partners such as Japan Regional Investment Association, Central Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Okayama business delegation, yearly send hundreds of workers and young people from the province to practice their working skills in Japan.

In addition, Vinh Phuc has promoted cooperation activities with other localities in Japan, contributing to the friendship between the two countries. In 2015, Vinh Phuc and Akita Prefecture signed a MOU on establishing the friendship and cooperation, and opened up cooperation programs in the fields of trade, investment and agricultural development. In addition, Vinh Phuc has also organized investment promotion missions in Japan. At the same time, many Japanese agencies, organizations and enterprises visited and worked in Vinh Phuc.

2018 is not only the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam and Japan relationship establishment and development but also the relationship between Vinh Phuc and Japanese partners over the past 20 years of the province's re-establishment. On this occasion, the Department of Foreign Affairs has advised the provincial People's Committee to hold a meeting with Japanese agencies, organizations and enterprises to pay tribute to their contribution, to promote the image of Vinh Phuc, attract Japanese businesses to invest in the province. This is also a good opportunity to tighten the friendship between Vinh Phuc and Japanese partners.

Looking back on the cooperative activities between Vinh Phuc province and Japanese partners in recent years, it can be said that this relationship is the expression, a very lively and profound contribution to the friendship between Vietnam and Japan, which has been growing steadily. In the context of integration of the world economy, to further promote this relationship, Vinh Phuc and Japan partners will continue to intensify the implementation of comprehensive cooperation activities in all fields. Especially, Vinh Phuc province will create favorable conditions, investment environment and preferential investment policies to attract investors in general and Japanese ones in particular to Vinh Phuc.

Do Thi Kim Dung
Director of the Department of Foreign affairs


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