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Being a province in the Northern key economic region, the gateway of the Hanoi Capital, near Noi Bai International Airport, the bridge of the Northwest provinces with Hanoi and the Red River Delta, Vinh Phuc province plays a very important role in the strategy of regional and national economic development. 

Vinh Phuc province was established in 1950, on the basis of the merger of Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen province. In 1968, it was merged with Phu Tho province into Vinh Phu province; from 01/01/1997, Vinh Phuc was re-established. Implementing the Party and State's policy on expanding the administrative boundaries of Hanoi capital, from August 1st, 2008, Me Linh district of Vinh Phuc province moved to Hanoi Capital.

At present, Vinh Phuc has a natural area of 1,235.87 km2 (according to the 2018 statistical yearbook), the North borders Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen provinces, the West borders Phu Tho province, the South borders Hanoi, the East borders 2 districts of Soc Son and Dong Anh of Hanoi. Vinh Phuc has a population of 1,151,154 (according to the results of the census and housing in 2019), has 41 ethnic groups living in the province including mainly Kinh, San Diu, Nung, Dao, Cao Lan, Muong. The province has 9 administrative units: 2 cities (Vinh Yen, Phuc Yen) and 7 districts (Tam Duong, Tam Dao, Yen Lac, Vinh Tuong, Lap Thach, Song Lo, Binh Xuyen); 137 communes, wards and towns.

Vinh Phuc is a province having a long tradition of patriotism and revolution that was highly promoted in production and combat. After having the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, many places and people in Vinh Phuc were well-known in the whole country, such as the victory of Khoan Bo, Xuan Trach, Dinh mountain, hero Nguyen Viet Xuan … Vinh Phuc was also known as the origin of innovating agricultural and rural management thinking, with the method "Household contract" in 1960s and 1970s that was a breakthrough step, creating a practical basis for the Party's reform of the Party's agricultural, rural and peasant economic management mechanism later.

In particular, after more than 20 years of re-establishment, under the leadership of the provincial Party Committee, People's Council, and People's Committee, Vinh Phuc has achieved many important and proud achievements. From an agricultural locality to a province having great industrial production value, Vinh Phuc is the place having the first automobile, motorcycle manufacturing and assembly factory in the Northern key economic region and the whole country. Technical infrastructure system has been invested and upgraded towards modern direction. The fields of education, health, culture and information have many changes; national defense and security has been strengthened, social order and safety has been maintained; the average economic growth rate reaches 15.37% / year; the State budget revenue increased rapidly, from VND 100 billion in 1997 to nearly VND 32 trillion in 2019, exceeding 13% of the estimate, of which domestic revenue reached VND 27.6 trillion (data as of December 15, 2019 ).

The promotion and attraction of domestic, foreign direct investment is particularly paid attention to through promoting geographical location, healthy investing environment, synchronously implementing solutions to attract investment with specific and effective investment promotion programs and activities in many countries around the world. In 2019, the investment capital of FDI projects exceeded the set target, specifically: granting new investment certificates for 65 projects and adjusted to increase the capital of 50 FDI projects, the total registered capital of 670 million USD, up 34% next plan and up 27.2% compared to 2018. Along with that, the province has newly granted and adjusted to increase investment capital for 48 DDI projects with a total registered capital of VND 13.55 trillion, accumulated to 2019, there were 755 DDI project with total registered investment capital of VND 80.9 trillion.

In industrial development, the province has had breakthrough development solutions, from a province with only 1 industrial park up to now, it has nearly 20 industrial zones with a scale of more than 8,000 ha have been formed, including many large corporations investing in the province. The workforce of Vinh Phuc is quite plentiful, accounting for over 60% of the total population, mainly young workers, with cultural knowledge and creative spirit to absorb advanced technology and techniques. The strong economic development over the past years, especially in industry, has become the environment for enhancing skills for workers.

The work of planning, building infrastructure, developing urban and rural areas has been promoted. Up to now, Vinh Phuc has built and approved most of the plans, which are the basis for building infrastructure, implementing projects in a synchronous and strict management; the whole province has 112/112 communes recognized to meet the new rural standards.

The fields of education and training, population, employment and poverty reduction, health care and health care for the people, and other socio-cultural activities have also achieved many results, making an important contribution to development. develop sustainably, step by step improve the people's material and spiritual life. By the end of 2019: the rate of poor households in the whole province will decrease by about 1,700 to 1,835 households, equivalent to a reduction rate of 0.55% -0.7%; there are no poor households that belong to the policy of people with meritorious services; Rate of trained workers is about 66%; Rate of malnourished children under 5 years old (weight by age: 12.3%); The number of doctors per 10,000 people reaches 8.8 doctors; On average, each year, it creates jobs for 25.3 thousand workers.

Vinh Phuc has great potential for natural and human tourism resources. The people of Vinh Phuc always have pride in their tradition of fighting to build and defend the country and a brilliant culture. Up to now, Vinh Phuc land still bears the imprint of the culture of Hung Vuong and Kinh Bac, Thang Long, of the unique folk culture, of science, with the social lifestyle and ethical standards that are always kept. preserve and promote. There is a group of famous natural landscapes and landscapes: Tam Dao National Forest, Ban Long waterfall, Dai Lai lake, Lang Ha lake ... Many folk festivals imbued with national identity and many historical and cultural relics bearing imprints of history and spiritual values ​​such as Tay Thien landscapes, Binh Son Tower, Tran Nguyen Han Temple, Dong Dau relic ...

In particular, coming to Vinh Phuc, visitors will not be able to ignore famous tourist destinations such as Tam Dao with beautiful scenery, both poetic, majestic, fresh air, cool, a resort. Ideal for all travelers near and far; relic area, Tay Thien scenic spot - a complex of architectural relic, both with charming landscape, spiritual tourist spot that few places can match; Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, FLC Vinh Thinh - a beautiful natural place with a temperate climate, fresh air, diverse ecosystems, ...

With many strengths and development potentials, Vinh Phuc strives to be an industrial province by 2020, become one of the service and tourist centers of the region and the country with resorts meeting international standards, and become Vinh Phuc city in the 20s of this century.

(According to Report No. 541 / BC-CTK dated on 25/12/2019 on the socio-economic situation of Vinh Phuc in 2019 by the Provincial Statistical Office)



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