Nongovermental assistance mobilization for the improvement of people’s living standards


Originating in a totally agricultural province of difficulties on socio - economic conditions and affected by wars’ consequences, for the past years, Vinh Phuc has grown strongly. In addition to other resources, nongovernmental projects have significantly contributed to the province’s socio - economic development. Thank to the facilitation of authorities and functional departments about policies and the right definition of key aspects, Vinh Phuc has been successfully in mobilizing nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Yearly, there are about 20 NGOs, organizations, and individuals sponsoring 30 - 40 programs/projects for Vinh Phuc in fields of education, vocational training, health, rural development, environment protection, agriculture, social issues settlement, and etc. In which, many international NGOs and organizations have long-term and effective activities as CARE International, MCC, Maryknoll, The Free Wheelchair Missi; Giving It Back to Kids (US); GRET, VNED (France); KFHI, World Together, PMAWF, GCS; KOTRA (Korea); AAF (China); WIMR (Australia); JICA (Japan); Asian Development Bank; Jawha Vina Co., Ltd, Posco E&C... The average amount of funding is 1.5 - 2 million USD.

Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh and Mrs. Nam Suk Kyung - Representative of PAMWF at the meeting

In 2014, Vinh Phuc mobilized 21 NGOs and 35 projects; disbursement value was nearly USD 3 million, including: AAF’s project on environment and rare animal protection occupying 70% of the total value; programs of KFHI, Maryknoll and World Together on education - vocational training accounting for 12.5%; fields of humanity aids, hunger elimination and poverty reduction supported by KFHI, PAMWF, GIBTK, The Free Wheelchair Missi was 10.2%; public development sector sponsored by MCC and GRET was 6.1%. Besides, there were some programs of object support such as books for childern, glasses for the elderly, presents for pupils having poor situation, health examination and free-medicine supply for poor students and people...

Generally, these organizations have follwed their principles, purposes and complied with signed agreements. Projects were not only timely carried out and disbursement was on schedule but also suitable to the province’s areas, orientation of mobilization and promoted effectiveness as expected. Relation among the groups, local authorities, beneficiaries, and functional departments has been further improved. In addition to the support on materials, dioxin related issues settlement, and the disabled, they have been helping Vinh Phuc apply effective approach methods in stable development; hunger eradication and poverty reduction; rural, public development. They also help Vinh Phuc’s people, especially those living in rural areas to improve their knowledge, integrate into the community, support  vocational training and job placement in order to raise their income and living conditions.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at Thu Do Kovi kindergarden supported by POSCO E&C

Recently, because of  the global economic crisis and Vietnam becoming an average income country, number of NGOs in Vietnam and their budget has been reduced so that there are many difficulties in mobilizing the support from them. However, the frequent cooperation and exchange among Vinh Phuc Foreign affairs Department, related agencies, districts and NGOs have strengthened the belief for these organizations; simultaneously, Vinh Phuc timely in collaboration with sponsors deal with difficulties in order to promote results of the nongovernmental work.

Reviewing the recent cooperating process between Vinh Phuc province and NGOs, it is the fact that this is a relationship of reliability, honesty, transparency, effectiveness and mutual respect. At present, many NGOs are expanding their operation areas and supported sectors in Vinh Phuc showing the efficiency of their projects has been improved.

However, in order to carry out the work of nongovernmental mobilization in the neww context, Vinh Phuc should strengthen the training, awareness, skill and ability improvement for people working in this field on approaching, defining difficult areas and sectors; proposing suitable projects; cooperating with NGOs to timely inspect, evaluate projects’ implementation and effectiveness; supervising their activities and coordinating closely among functional departments to deal with arising problems.

By Le Hien



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