Project of repairing and upgranding antique houses for poor households


  1. Introduction:

In recent years, the reparation and restoration of antique architecture works are really focused by all levels of authority. With the trend of NGO’s aids lately, the organizations concentrate on those projects that directly relate to the beneficiaries and are the most practical ones to improve people’s lives.

Located in the antique land of Vietnam’s cultural heritage Doai area, An Tuong commune of Vinh Tuong district has many historical ranked relics, such as antique works and houses that have high cultural value. In this commune, there are residents living in houses that were built in the previous century. They are rich in history and culture. Due to the measure of time as well as each family’s own situation, these works are gradually faded away. Furthermore many households are going through tough time and facing many difficulties in finance and living conditions. They really need every support they can get.

  1. Basic contents:
  1. Project: “Repairing and upgrading antique houses for poor households”
  2. Agency in charge: NGO’s aid promotion center, Vinh Phuc Department of Foreign Affairs.
  3. Operating Location:

Householder: Kiều Đức Ngũ - Thủ Độ village - An Tường commune – Vĩnh Tường district – Vĩnh Phúc province.

  1. The importance of the project:

Household’s situation: 5-member family

Financial condition: low (mostly depends on agriculture)

The householder is 67 years old and a former war soldier. His state of health is not good and limited to work. His first two children passed away, the other two (born in 2005 and 2007) are not of age to work. They are living in low conditions.

  1. The house’s situation:

They are now living in an antique house on the bank of the Red river. This house is highly valuable in culture and in the research of antique Vietnamese’s material and mental life. It was built about 300 years ago (the 17th century). The structure was made of iron wood, antique roof was made with tiles, which is totally our long time culture and it was also sophisticatedly and subtle sculptured. It was marked with the old Vietnam village. It’s a Vietnamese five-compartment house with one horizontal board, 8 antique couplet cards, 1 stone stele. It was the worshipped place of a part of the big family name “Kiều Đức”.

Having experienced the history’s rise and fall, being affected by wars and also being located on the bank of the Red river where there are floods, storms every year so this place is severely damaged. All the pillars and other features, which were made of wood, are rotten and wobbly. They no longer can support the weight of the roof which is 6 tons. When it rains, water sneaks in. The house might collapse any time soon and endanger the people’s lives.

  1. Objectives:

We restore this house for the family to live and for them to be able to make their living. We also preserve a historical and culture architecture work of a traditional Vietnamese element, a witness to the history of Vietnam’s society.

7. Operations:

- Raise the foundation up to 1.2m compared to the old one

- Replace the damaged pillars, boards, bars, beams and doors made of wood

- Repair the roof.

8.  Benefiacies:

The family of Mr. Kiều Đức Ngũ - Thủ Độ village - An Tường commune – Vĩnh Tường district – Vĩnh Phúc province..

9. Budget:

Total cost: 17.000 USD, including: foundation raising, materials, labors…

Donated budget suggestion: 10.000 USD

The rest of the total expense is supported by the family’s relatives and the local government.

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