Vinh Phuc received 5.2 million visitors in 2018


In 2018, tourism activities in the province has continuously developed, the indicators of tourism have been completed and exceeded the target. It is expected to welcome 5.2 million tourists, including 40,200 international visitors, up 20%; the total tourism revenue was estimated at VND1,670 billion, up 11% compared to 2017.

The province has promoted investment in infrastructure and technical services for tourists, especially investment in key tourist areas such as Tam Dao tourist area, Tay Thien scenic area, Dai Lai resort. Up to now, the transportation system connecting  tourist areas has been basically completed and regularly maintained, limiting the occurrence of traffic congestion in festival and tourist season. The province has continued to focus on and develop a wide range of tourism types: ecotourism, culture, festivals - spirituality, community tourism (homestay), tourism combined with conferences, weekend resort, rural tourism ... Some tours, new tourist routes have been put into operation that have attracted a lot of choices for visitors such as a day tour conquering Tam Dao Peak, tour of spiritual road, Boi tours of Thanh Lanh Ngoc Boi -Ban Long waterfall, Van Truc -Bo Lac lake - Sang Son, Hai Luu stork garden...

 In the provincehere, there are 67 hotels and 299 accommodation establishments with 6,389 standards rooms; 10 travel businesses, including 4 international travel companies.

Towards the goal of receiving 6 million visitors, including 43,500 international visitors and the total tourism revenue  of 1,910 billion dong in 2019, in the next time, the Culture, Sports & Tourism sector will continue to innovate, improve the quality of the state management of tourism; closely coordinate with various branches and levels in assuring security and order, environmental sanitation, culture and civilization at tourist areas; improve the quality of tourism human resources and local community awareness on tourism development. At the same time, further promote Vinh Phuc tourism and promotion activities with domestic and international markets.

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