The investment promotion mission of Vinh Phuc worked in the French Republic


On 10/12/2018, the provincial mission led by Secretary Hoang Thi Thuy Lan started the working journey to the Republic of France.

Work with the Normandie Management School

On December 11, the delegation had a meeting with the leading board of the Normandie Management School. Mr. Lofti Karoui - Principal, Mr. Elian Pilvin - Executive Director and in charge of developing projects in Vietnam, and staffs received the delegation. On behalf of Vietnam Embassy in France, Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang, Minister Counselor, attended the meeting.

The delegation worked with the Normandie Management School

The Normandie Management School, established in Le Havre, France in 1871, is one of the oldest schools in France, with five campuses in Caen, Dublin, Le Havre, Paris and Oxford with over 3,000 students, including nearly 500 international students from more than 20 countries taught in nine languages.

At present, the Normandie Management School is carrying out the transfer of training programs on tourism, logistics service to some universities of Vietnam and helping to train leading, managing staffs of Vietnam under the 165 program.

Welcoming the delegation of Vinh Phuc, Mr. Elian Pilvin introduced about the school, emphasized the target of closely cooperating with Vietnamese universities to transfer the most appropriate training programs. He also expressed his interest in the socio-economic development of Vinh Phuc province and wished to soon have the opportunity to visit Vinh Phuc to learn the training models in order to have a chance of cooperating with the province in the coming time.

On behalf of the delegation, Secretary Hoang Thi Thuy Lan highly appreciated the history, achievements and strengths of the school; simultaneously, introduced the province’s advantages, potentials of its investing environment, fields called for investment including education, and the socio - economic development of the province in 2018.

The Secretary affirmed that Vinh Phuc is concentrating on education investment with the goal of comprehensively human development, creating a human resource with high professional qualifications, physical strength and good morals. Vinh Phuc also has policies on strengthening, expanding cooperation and linkages domestically and internationally to develop education and training, especially high-quality education and training models in the world.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan asked the school to cooperate with some universities in Vinh Phuc province; support to train high quality human resource for the province; connect Vinh Phuc to the school’s partners in France and other countries to survey and invest in the province.

Work with the French Socio - Economic and Environment Council (CESE) 

In the afternoon, the delegation worked with CESE. Ms. Eveline Duhamel, Chairman of the national territorial planning Board, and Mr.  Christophe Michael, CESE Chairman's Political Adviser, received and worked with the delegation.

CESE was established and operated in accordance with the Constitution of France. This is one of the three representative organizations for the French people. CESE has the functions of legal consultancy and establishment. The organization consists of 233 commissioners divided into nine commissions; each has a term of five years cannot participate in more than two terms. One of the key powers of CESE is to assess the areas of responsibility according to petition of at least 500,000 French citizens per year; then, synthesize and send such proposals to the National Assembly and the Government for consideration and settlement.

On behalf of the delegation,Secretary Hoang Thi Thuy Lan highly appreciated the reception of CESE. She affirmed that Vinh Phuc province not only called for investment promotion but also promoted the friendship with French organizations and localities. She hoped that the Council would pay attention and support Vinh Phuc to call for investment, transfer advanced technology, have cultural exchange; share experience and innovations in public policy reforms. On this occasion, Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan invited the Council to visit Vinh Phuc in the coming time.

Work with the Embassy of Vietnam in France

After that, the delegation visited the Embassy of Vietnam in France and was received by Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang - Ministerial Counselor, Mr. Le Cong Thanh - Investment Counselor, and officials of the Embassy.

On behalf of the delegation, Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Lan thanked the effective support of the Embassy of Vietnam in France in organizing investment promotion activities of the province in this country. However, the cooperation between Vinh Phuc and France is still limited, mainly through the activities of non-governmental organizations. At present, there is only one FDI project of France in Vinh Phuc. She required the Embassy to introduce Vinh Phuc’s potentials and strengths to French localities, enterprises and organizations; support to connect with French investors; support to promote cooperation with French localities and development assistance organizations.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang informed about the recent situation of Vietnam and France relationship; simultaneously, affirmed that the Embassy would always assist, introduce French investors to Vinh Phuc province, and support to link human resource training with prestigious French universities.

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