Compal Group continues the investment in Vinh Phuc


In the afternoon of 20/12/2018, Secretary  Hoang Thi Thuy Lanhad a meeting with Compal Group (Chinese Taipei) led by Mr. Ray Chen, Vice Chairman of the Group.

Attending the meeting, there were Chairman Nguyen Van Tri, Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh, and leaders and related departments.

Compal Group was granted investment certificate and started its factory in Ba Thienindustrial park in the end of 2007. However, its project of producing laptop with the value of 500 million US dollars has not been carried out due to the impact of economic crisis and narrowed computer market. Then, the province issued decisions on recalling the total area of 325 ha.

After years, in 2018, Compal desired to restart its investment in Vinh Phuc. According to the development plan, in 2018-2023, the Group will invest above 200 million US dollars to implement the factory project of producing laptop, smart phone with the capacity of 2 million products per month, that is expected to achieve a revenue of 4.8 billion US dollars up to 2023 and create job for more than 16 thousand people. In 2019, the Group will start the project with factory, training facility and worker housing.

At the meeting, the delegates hoped that Vinh Phuc would continue to facilitate their invesment and allow the Group to use 100 recalled hectares.

Welcoming the return of Compal, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri shared its difficulties, said that the province supported the Group and reported about its project to the Government.

Under the proposal of Compal on using 24hectares, Vinh Phuc has directed fuctional departments to soon complete procedures so that the project will be operated as expected and committed.

About the proposal on expanding the area, Vinh Phuc would cooperate with the Group to work with infrastructure investor so that Compal would rent area for production or could research a new project for the consideration of the province.

Speaking at the working session, Secretary Hoang Thi Thuy Lan affirmed, "We are very glad to your return. Leaving all difficulties behind, we hope that your Group and the province would build the trust in cooperation. We will create all good conditions for the soon operation of your project." She also emphasized: Vinh Phuc is the destination for many groups, Compal will be successful if the Group determines to carry out the project as commitment.

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