The prosperity of the"smokeless industry"


Owning many favorable elements, having famous landscapes of spiritual tourism, having infrastructure invested synchronously and service quality improved, Vinh Phuc tourism has continued gaining achievements in 2018.

Boldly invest hundreds of billions in Tay Thien scenic area,
Lac Hong Jsc has contributed to creating a new face for the province's tourism

According to the evaluation of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, with potentials, strengths and tourism solutions have gradually improved in recent years, reflecting clearly in the numbers: The whole province has 67 hotels, 299 accommodation establishments with 6,389 standard rooms for tourist accommodation; 10 businesses operating in travel business, including 4 international travel companies.

In 2011, Vinh Phuc tourism only welcomed over 1.7 million visitors, including 24,680 international visitors, in the end of 2018, the whole province welcomed about 5.2 million tourists, including 40,200 international visitors; the total tourism revenue was estimated at VND 1,670 billion, up 11% compared to the same period in 2017.

In the past 5 years, the number of tourists to Vinh Phuc has increased many times, the population of 1.2 million people in the province. The average growth rate of 15% / year has brought about significant efficiency in increasing revenue for the budget, expanding exchanges, increasing incomes for workers and contributing to improving the living standards for people in tourist areas and destinations.

However, in fact, to develop tourism commensurate with the potentials and advantages, the province has to overcome many limitations that need to be overcome, for example, tourism brand promotion is still inconsistent and professional; the main tourist destinations still "wait" for visitors, not actively attract customers; tourism products are monotonous, less attractive, there are no specific products greatly affecting Vinh Phuc tourism image. In particular, our province still lacks a professional tour guide team, leaving a good impression on the visitors.

To solve this problem, along with strengthening the state management, proactively allocate resources for infrastructure investment and human resource training, Vinh Phuc has been mobilizing to attract big investors to urban areas in combination with ecotourism, entertainment with large scale such as: Vinh Thinh - An Tuong Ecotourism Urban Area Project of FLC Group; Tam Dao II project of Sun Group; international horse racing project of Gomax I&D Korea ... These projects when being put into operation, will not only contribute to transform the province's economic structure in the direction of increasing the proportion of services but also turn Vinh Phuc into one of the key tourism provinces of the country.

Sharing the missions in the coming time, the representative of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: In the immediate future, to achieve the goal of receiving 6 million visitors, including 43,500 international ones and gaining the total revenue of 1,910 billion VND in 2019, this industry will continue to advise the province to direct branches and localities to deploy synchronous solutions for investment in tourism development with a focus, in-depth attached to quality, effective; focus on tourism development in 3 main directions: Ecotourism, resort associated with entertainment, entertainment; effectively exploit cultural and spiritual tourism potentials; expand the field of tourism - conference service; at the same time, promoting festivals, tourist attractions, tourism potentials of the province on the local and central media in association with improving the competitiveness of local tourism in the province.

At the end of the year, Vinh Phuc tourism staffs have been hurriedly preparing new tours to scenic spots, historical and cultural relics in the province, creating opportunities for the promotion and development of Vinh Phuc tourism. It is believed that with the achievements and the right direction, Vinh Phuc tourism will have further breakthroughs, bringing into full play the strength of a spearhead economic sector in the new year 2019.

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