Senior delegation from Huaphan province, Laos visited Vinh Phuc


Đồng chí Phùng Quang Hùng và đồng chí Khăm-Hùng-Hương Vông-Sỉ tại buổi tiếp

In the reception, Mr. Phung Quang Hung became glad to the working visit of the leadership from Huaphan province, introduced basic socio-economic achievements, namely: average economic growth reached about 15 – 18% per year, especially up to 21% in 2010; GDP per capita over 18,000 USD. The Chairman greatly appreciated the long lasting friendship between Vinh Phuc and some localities of Laos such Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang, Phongsaly, Oudomsay and Bokeo. He hopes that Vinh Phuc, in the future, offers more cooperation programs with provinces of Laos in general and Huaphan in particular.
Mr. Kham-Hung-Huong extended his thanks for the warm reception from the Government and people of Vinh Phuc province, simultaneously expressed his pleasure to provincial achievements in recent years. “Vinh Phuc is a typical example for Huaphan in particular as well as localities in Laos to study experiences in economic expansion and FDI attraction”, he said. It is expected that Vietnam investors and those from Vinh Phuc will visit and search for investment opportunities in Huaphan, become enthusiastic to help and share socio-economic development to the province.
Mr. Hung, sharing difficulties with Huaphan province are facing, provided some experiences in provincial investment attraction, economic expansion; said Vinh Phuc will make most favourable conditions for its several enterprises operating in agriculture to look for investment possibilities and opportunities in Huaphan, contributing to building up and strengthening the friendship between two provinces more sustainably./.

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