Meeting on 40th Anniversary of Japan-Viet Nam Diplomatic Relation


 In the meeting, Mr. Sita Yukio, Consulate of Japan Embassy in Viet Nam; representative of Central Foreign Affairs Department, representative of National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Planning & Investment; units, organizations and enterprises of Japan operating in Ha Noi and Vinh Phuc. For Vinh Phuc Province: Mr. Phung Quang Hung, Deputy Province Committee secretary, Chairman of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee (VPPC); Mr. Nguyen The Truong, Standing Deputy Province Committee secretary, Head of National Assembly Members of province- Term XIII; Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Member of Provincial Standing Committee of the Party; leaders of departments, branches.



In the speech of meeting, Mr. Phung Quang Hung affirmed, Viet Nam and Japan have a long-standing relation, strategic partner of each other for peace, prosperity of Asia. Relation between two countries developed about quality and with the depth, the economic, political relations and cultural exchanges continuously expanded; improved understanding of two countries. Japan is a leading important economic partner, the biggest ODA donor of Viet Nam. 

Vinh Phuc has a good cooperative relation with the Japanese investors; Japanese enterprises have success when investing in province. Now in province there are 19 investment projects of Japan with the registered capital USD 674 million, the second rank of investment capital and the first rank of implemented capital rate.  Japan is also the biggest donor of ODA in Vinh Phuc with the Loan Agreement total of USD 133 million; recently Nickken Seikkei Company helped to complete the preparation of Vinh Phuc general urban planning to year 2030, the vision to year 2050. 

The Chairman of VPPC highly appreciated the ability, technology, effect and contribution of Japanese enterprises in development of Vinh Phuc province, of Viet Nam; thanks to the Government, Embassy of Japan, Japanese enterprises and people of Japan positively co-operated and helped Vinh Phuc province during the past time. The Chairman do hope that the embassy of Japan in Vietnam is a bridge for Japanese investors to invest in Vinh Phuc; Japan government continued granting the ODA for provincial investment climate improvement projects; help the province to train the officers, staffs, laborers of Vinh Phuc to go to work in Japan. 

The Consulate of Japanese embassy in Viet Nam- Mr. Saita Yukio affirmed that two countries reached the friendship relation closely from up to now. In the co-operative relation with Viet Nam, Japan appreciated the partner in economic sector. In last year, Japan has the biggest investment capital in Vietnam; the development of Viet Nam brings the benefits to Viet Nam. Therefore, Japan will continue investing in Viet Nam, help Viet Nam to implement the target of industrialization- modernization. For Vinh Phuc province, Mr. Saita Yukio expected that the province will have favorable open policy for Japanese investors’ investment in Vinh Phuc, contribute to Vinh Phuc to become a Vinh Phuc prosperous province. 

Offering the flowers for welcoming the Vietnam- Japan friendship relation, representative of Japanese enterprises investing in Vinh Phuc and in Viet Nam such as Toyota Viet Nam, Honda Viet Nam, NC Network Joint Stock Company expecting the Viet Nam government in general, Vinh Phuc Province in particular continue facilitating for Japanese enterprises in business production effectively, bring benefit to contribute to the industrial development as well as social security in province. 

On this occasion, the Provincial Committee of the Party, the Provincial People’s Council, Vinh Phuc People’s Committee (VPPC) has a party for distinguished guests, delegates in Song Hong hotel.

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