Vinh Phuc people living oversea contribute to building the homeland


It has been more than half a century since President Ho Chi Minh caught the first ship bringing nearly 1,000 Vietnamese living in Thailand back to their homeland. The Party and State always pay attention to people in overseas countries (called Viet kieu). Many resolutions and policies were enacted which have been increasingly consistent with the real situation, feelings and aspirations of Viet kieu. In which, there is Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW of the Politburo on March 26, 2004 on the work of Viet kieu, Vietnamese Communist Party asserted: Vietnamese living overseas is an inseparable part and resource of Vietnam community, an important factor contributing to strengthen cooperation and friendship between Vietnam and other countries. After this Resolution, on 6/6/2008 Prime Minister continued to promulgate Directive No. 19/2008/CT-TTg on further enhancing implementation of the Action Program of the Government on the work of Viet kieu. Then, a huge wave of Viet kieu has returned Vietnam and participated in activities on science, investment that has significantly contributed to the country’s development. Resolution No. 36 can also be expanded in the new area in order to attract more potentials, resources from Vietnamese communities around the world, and support to preserve cultural identity of Vietnamese living abroad.

Thoroughly grasping Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW of the Party and State, Vinh Phuc always considers the community of Viet kieu as an inseparable part of the nationality of Vietnam. Vinh Phuc province also includes a lot of Viet kieu living and studying in Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, USA, Australia, and etc. Every year, hundreds of Viet kieu come back to their homeland in Tet holiday and for tourism. Thank to the effective implementation of mobilizing Viet kieu, Vinh Phuc has initially attracted and directed them to build and invest in the motherland. In which, there are a number of overseas Vietnamese in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic doing business in Vinh Phuc with a total registered capital of hundreds billion such as: Soiva – VN which built Soiva Trade Center of 300 billion dong (invested by Viet kieu in Czech and Germany); Song Hong Thu Do Trading Jsc invested by Mr. Do Nguyen Van Nien – Viet kieu in Russia (This project focuses on investing to develop ecotourism, restaurants, hotels with a total capital of 200 billion VND); COSMOS Technology Co., Ltd done by Viet kieu in Russia with a total capital of 240 billion VND. COSMOS specializes in manufacturing motorcycle spare parts for Honda, Yamaha ... The first factory is in Khai Quang industrial (Vinh Yen City). Vietnam – Germany steel company with a registered capital of 25 billion VND is one of the largest steel producers in Vietnam. Sao Mai Jsc established by Mr. Nguyen Van Hoi – Viet kieu in Russia has a total registered capital of 30 billion VND, operating in the fields of education, tourism, trade, manufacturing, garments…

"Homeland Spring 2014"

In terms of charity, with the spirit of solidarity, Vinh Phuc people around the world have been actively thinking towards homeland in order to help people with difficult circumstances. Especially, since 2007 the countrymen association in Germany supported to build two affection houses in 2007 and 2,000 euro to poor circumstance through Vinh Phuc’s poor people Fund in 2008. In April of 2010, Viet kieu delegation visited and presented Vinh Phu’s association for victims of Agent Orange / dioxin USD 1,000 and 20 million dong. In 4/2011, a Viet kieu charity in Germany sponsored 100 million dong for the center of supporting victims of Agent Orange / dioxin and disabilities to build clean water construction. In order to attract and call for the participation of Vietnamese living abroad to the homeland’s economic development, and charitable activities, in 1/2014 Vinh Phuc province held a conference on meeting Viet kieu of Vinh Phuc and establishing an association of Viet kieu entrepreneurs at "Homeland Spring 2014". In this occasion, Viet kieu supported 700 gifts (255 million dong) to poor households.

The province has the strategic target of "Basically have conditions of an industrial province in 2015, an industrial-developed province by 2020 and Vinh Phuc city in 2020s”. Vinh Phuc is always proud of revolutionary tradition with a long history of ethnic culture and of people living abroad but towards their hometown. The province always welcomes them. It is hoped that Viet kieu community will be increasingly united and strong with the heart towards the homeland; jointly build their motherland in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular. Vinh Phuc welcomes and creates the most favorable conditions for them to do effective projects in the province.

By Danh Tien




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