Promote the role of the communities of Vinh Phuc people living abroad


Implementing the Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW dated on 3/26/2004 issued by the Politburo on the work of Vietnamese living abroad, Vinh Phuc province has organized many activities to promote solidarity, attract investment from Vinh Phuc people living in foreign countries to the province.

At present, there are about 1,500 Vinh Phuc people who are living, working and studying abroad, mainly in Laos, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Thailand and Japan ... In recent years, they have carried out many activities and made practical contribution to the socio - economic development of the province, such as: invest in projects in the province, create jobs for local people, donate money to build houses and help the poor ... Only in 2015, the amount of overseas national currency exchanges were sent to contribute to build and develop the motherland with over 56 million USD and approximately 5 million euros .

In the economic field, the province has actively mobilized, attracted investment of people living overseas to build the homeland. Some large companies have been invested to build by Vietnamese communities in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic with the large capital such as: Soiva - Vietnam Co., Ltd invested in building Soiva - Plaza trade center with the capital of 300 billion dong; COSMOS Technology Co., Ltd. with the total capital of 240 billion dong; Germany - Vietnam Steel Co., Ltd with the registered capital of 25 billion dong (this company is one of the largest steel producers in the country); Sao Mai Joint Stock Company specializes in the fields of education, tourism, trade, apparel ...  with the total capital of 30 billion dong. These projects have contributed to promote the local economic development and create jobs for many local workers.

Besides, Vinh Phuc people living outside Vietnam also organized many activities to help people with difficult situations at homeland. From 2014, the province has organized two meetings with them through the program "Homeland Spring" in 2014 and 2016. At this meeting, organizations, businesses and Viet kieu donated nearly 2,000 gifts with the worth of nearly one billion dong for the poor, disadvantaged households, victims of Agent orange on Tet holiday. In addition, in 2010, typical expatriate delegations visited Vinh Phuc and donated 20 million dong and 1,000 dollars for Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange / dioxin; in 2011, Mang Non Charity Association (Germany) donated clean water projects with the worth of nearly 100 million dong for the Center for Victims of Agent Orange / dioxin and disabled people of the province.

Mr. Phi Van Mai , who was born in Trieu De commune, Lap Thach district, also started his new career in Laos. Currently, he has opened motorcycle repair factory at Sam Tay district, Hua Phan province of Laos. More than 10 years ago, he and his friend went to Laos to find a job; then he noticed that  motorcycle repair work can develop in this province, so that he bought land and opened  motorcycle repair factory here. With high skill, he has a good income, about 50-60 million / per month. Thus, he also helped many his cousins ​​to open vocational training centers and shops at Sam Tay district. Having this income, he has built a nice house in Trieu De commune and bought a car. He contemplated that he will be back homeland to do business at home.

Being a student in France,  Bach Dang Phong (from Dong Tam ward, Vinh Yen City) has just completed a specialized master's program on Structural Mechanics and Materials of Paris-Est Marne-La-Valee University. He is going to prepare for  his  postgraduate study in France in 3 years. Phong shared, “Living and learning in France, I feel very favorable due to good infrastructure, advanced education and scientific development, people are civilized .... After finishing the program, I wish to come back Vietnam to devote for the country.”

In the coming time, to continue to build the strong solidarity with Vinh Phuc expatriates and people in homeland, the province will maintain meetings with them at the "Homeland Spring" to call for support and investment in all areas of the province.

Dieu Linh (Vinh Phuc News)

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